Queues and lobbies in fighting game matchmaking

It’s always surprising to me when people say that “GGST should just re-use the lobby system from Xrd.” I assume they mean the aesthetics, but, on the PC version at least, the giant World Lobbies don’t work anymore due to major desync errors. As a result, games are usually only found in private player rooms.
It’s very easy to enter the Ranked and Casual Match queues in SFV- you can even wait in both at the same time. However, there are no regional filters and you can only rematch up to best-of-three in either queue.
Before the inclusion of Duel Stations, the GGST lobbies were much harder to read since players on standby would crowd around each other.
I used Quick Start for most of my time playing ranked in the GGST OBTs.
Perhaps due to the aesthetics of each lobby, the TFH and GGST lobbies have drawn a lot of comparisons to each other.
In early May, Team French Caliburst rolled out a brief beta test for a new unranked queue system that seemed to combine a lot of the ideas of other ASW social hub lobbies without the avatar aesthetic. As a result, you could see everyone available in the queue and ‘rematch’ over and over for long sets.



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Nathan Dhami

Nathan Dhami


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