Trainer’s School Lesson Nine: The FGC Terminology Kitchen Sink

Lesson 9.1: Numpad notation

Familiarize yourself with this document. Also remember that numpads on phone keypads are different than those on keyboards.
Allister, a top Suicune player, put together this infographic on numpad notation within the context of Pokkén.

Lesson 9.2: Frame data

Lesson 9.3: Frame advantage

It was easy to demonstrate how unsafe 1A Bullet Punch is by having Scizor punish it with 1A Bullet Punch after blocking.
You can see based on the distances for the 2A and 3A Bug Bite that part of their frame advantage comes from their range as well as the actual data on block.
A “bread and butter” combo is a combo that everyone playing the character should know, does a decent amount of damage, and is relatively easy to execute.

Lesson 9.4: Damage scaling

Compare the damage between 66Y and Metal Claw on their own, versus 66Y cancelled into Metal Claw.
Here, since Bullet Punch crits, Bug Bite will land outside of an air/juggle combo or Burst.




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