Trainer’s School: Sceptile Character Guide

  • In Field: n.Y, b.Y are dash cancellable
  • In Duel: 5YY/5Y[Y], 5X/5[X], Giga Drain are dash cancellable. 6YY is Hang-cancellable.
  • j.X can be Hang-cancelled in both Phases.
  • In Field: b.Y (both HP and Synergy)
  • In Duel: Giga Drain (both HP and Synergy,) Leaf Storm (bonus Synergy at the cost of an Attack debuff on self)
  • Leech Seed (HP only)
Opponents may be so preoccupied with one projectile or their own offense that they may ignore one of Sceptile’s other traps.
Sceptile can harass his opponent at basically any range.
  • Both Field and Duel Phase grabs do additional damage as a result of having new attacks.
  • Your Seeds will sprout faster.
  • Leaf Blade receives a followup Poké Move, Dragon Breath. (6AA) Dragon Breath is -8 on block, compared to the -16/-20 Leaf Blade, and instantly Phase Shifts on hit.
Fortunately, my opponent’s grab was just out of range here, or I would’ve been throw-crushed for trying Burst Attack.
Here are two examples of the BSP j.3Y 5X loop. This BnB is fairly versatile.
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